Chicago Blackhawks unveil new motto moving forward

Published January 7, 2024 at 9:56 PM
Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson has unveiled a new mindset for his team, emphasizing the importance of embracing the underdog role due to all the injuries in the organization.

Richardson stated:

«We've got to be the underdog and play that card like we did a bit at the end of last year."

He believes that adopting this mentality might catch other teams off-guard and lead to favorable outcomes for the Blackhawks.

Highlighting the significance of the team's approach, Richardson pointed out:

«Other teams might take us a little lightly, but the way we started the first shift of the game is indicative of how we're going to have to play against these teams catch them off-guard."

As the team embraces this underdog mentality, fans can only hope to see some exciting hockey from now until injured players start to heal up.
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Chicago Blackhawks unveil new motto moving forward

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