A rare scene from the Blackhawks involving Connor Bedard at morning skate

Published February 5, 2024 at 11:57

Bedard's Road to Recovery: A Glimpse of Progress for the Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks fans have been feeling the absence of rookie sensation Connor Bedard, who has been sidelined with a broken jaw for the past couple of weeks.

The impact of his absence is evident on the score sheet, with the team facing challenges in finding the back of the net and experiencing several shutouts.

For a team that heavily relies on Bedard's offensiveness, his absence has been deeply felt. The Blackhawks have been grappling with the struggle to score goals, and the rookie's absence is undeniably a contributing factor.

However, a ray of hope emerged as Bedard showcased significant progress in his recovery during a recent practice session on Monday morning.

The young forward was spotted confidently taking slap shots, a positive sign indicating that he might be on the verge of making a return to the ice.

It's noteworthy that just two weeks ago, Bedard was advised against taking slap shots during practice to prevent any potential movement in his healing jaw that could compromise his recovery. The fact that he is now able to unleash powerful slap shots suggests a positive trajectory in his rehabilitation.

The Chicago Blackhawks and their fans are eagerly anticipating Bedard's return, hoping that his offensive prowess will provide the much-needed boost to the team's goal-scoring capabilities. While the exact timeline for his return remains uncertain, the encouraging signs from the recent practice session are a promising indicator that Bedard is on the right track to making a triumphant comeback.
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A rare scene from the Blackhawks involving Connor Bedard at morning skate

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