Bedard dog-walked this NHL defenseman

Published September 4, 2023 at 4:13
A new day has started at BioSteel's NHL camp, and a new viral goal has been scored as well.

As part of BioSteel's NHL camp, Connor Bedard is present, and he once again provided us with a beautiful, gorgeous goal from one of the NHL players at the camp.

Bedard scored this beauty against team red in the @biosteelsports game! What a goal for Connor!
#hockey #connorbedard #nhl #hockeylife #canada

The unfortunate victim of this time was Ryan Graves, who was on the team red at the camp, and he cut through the defense and went to score the goal against the goalie.

After cutting through the two defensemen, Bedard quickly released the puck and just like that, another Bedard goal was scored.

I can only imagine just how lethal he'll be in the National Hockey League if this is what he's providing at a BioSteel camp!

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Bedard dog-walked this NHL defenseman

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