Pair of NHL insiders reveal a draft day blockbuster trade is unfolding

May 28, 2024  (10:09)

Kyle Davidson
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With the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Islanders swapping picks to move up in the NHL Draft on Friday, there's speculation regarding Kyle Davidson's next move.

The Blackhawks and Kyle Davidson used picks #20, #54, and #61 to send to the New York Islanders to move up in the draft to #18th and #50th overall. Davidson used the 2nd round pick acquired from the Jason Dickinson trade from Vancouver to facilitate the deal, all he had to do was take on Dickinson's cap hit. GMKD's genius doesn't go unnoticed.

According to NHL Insiders Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek of the 32 Thoughts Podcast, could Davidson be making moves to move up in the draft?
At 36:35 of Monday's Podcast, Friedman and Marek discussed the move and the ramifications of it:
«There are just some trades that get the tin foil hats, well, onto everybody. Not just the normal conspiracy-oriented people,» said Marek.

Marek, like everyone else, said this is a trade that usually happens after the draft has started — not five weeks before.

Friedman's «conspiracy» is that someone — either the Blackhawks or Islanders — is trying to move up further in the 2024 NHL Draft. He notes that the Hawks already moved up a couple spots, but then wonders if Chicago is trying to move up further

There's a lot of talk, that after pick 20, there's a real drop-off during the draft which could explain GMKD's prioritizing of moving up in the draft.
Or could Kyle Davidson look to move these picks for a veteran? Even yet Friedman postulates that these picks could be on the move during the draft as well.
He went on to say, «I would not be surprised if we saw BOTH 18 & 50 — that Chicago has — move on draft day.»

However Friedman would quickly step-in and say:
«Somebody is trying to get into position to do something early. Or, they've done their research and know they have to get into a certain tier to do something, and they're making sure they can do it.»

As we all know, how well Kyle Davidson's drafts are, so there is someone in the top 20, aside from Ivan Demidov or Arytom Levshunov, who he wants.
Source: Bleacher Nation
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Pair of NHL insiders reveal a draft day blockbuster trade is unfolding

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