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Utah is coming to the nhl
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Utah NHL's Surprising Team Name Uncovered

Published April 18, 2024 at 8:11 PM

There's been an official announcement that the NHL Board of Governors has officially approved the relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to Utah.

Now Ryan Smith and the Smith Entertainment Group have work to do, and one of those things is to find a name for the new NHL franchise.


According to sources in the NHL, the team won't have a new name right away, as they want to get the name right. The team will use "Utah" instead of "Salt Lake City" in the team name, so Ryan Smith and the company will likely use something like "Utah Hockey Club" for the first season.

This strategy isn't exactly new in professional sports, as the Washington Commanders, were at first called the Washington Football Club until a new name was found.

While Utah citizens have been polled for ideas for the new teams, names Utah will utilize this approach while they design jerseys and decide on a team name for the next NHL team.

According to NHL Insider Greg Wyshynski the team name could drop as soon as tomorrow, and we could find out later on in the week about team colors.

The team may not have the branding figured out right away, but will have plenty of time in the off-season to do so. While they have prioritized making the team better in free-agency right away.

Notable free agents this off-season range from Jake Guentzel and Steven Stamkos, and they could land a game-changer if they play the cards right.

Source: OilersDaily
Surprising name of Utah NHL team revealed
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Utah NHL's Surprising Team Name Uncovered

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