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The Blackhawks' intermission is capped off with a Shot By Celebrity

Published February 27, 2024 at 11:55

The game against the Detroit Red Wings on Sunday night was full of ceremony and celebration.

The team was not going to relent on celebrity presence, as Chris Chelios was present and Patrick Kane returned to the United Center.


The team kept the intermission interesting by bringing out Chicago native, Cindy Crawford. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam took on Sports Illustrated cover model Cindy Crawford in a shootout.

It was a battle between grunge and beauty, keep in mind, you'd think that grunge musician would be the one to win.

Lining up at center ice, the duo took turns attempting to knock the puck through one of three tiny slots at the net. Vedder, the Pearl Jam lead singer, was unable to do so, but Crawford found success in shot number three.

In heels, no less!

Riley and Jonesy, however, would be proud as Cindy Crawford's snipe won the shootout.

Along with Eddie Vedder, Cindy Crawford, and Michael Jordan, the celebrity list was long.

Additionally, John McEnroe and Dennis Rodman attended the event in support of Chris Chelios, one of Chicago's best athletes.

Crawford has a hell of a shot, and those who were witnesses got a great show and a great game to boot.

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The Blackhawks' intermission is capped off with a Shot By Celebrity

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