Jeremy Colliton Explains Why He Scratched Seabrook.

Published October 28, 2019 at 10:50

It was a tough decision as Chicago Blackhawks head coach Jeremy Colliton announced that defenseman Brent Seabrook would be a healthy scratch Sunday. It was only the second time in Seabrook's career he's been a healthy scratch. Turned out to be an OK decision as the Blackhawks beats the Kings by the score 5-1. Here's the exchange Colliton had with reporters courtesy of The Athletic.Reporter: What's behind the decision with Seabrook sitting?
Colliton: We want to get Gilbert in and it's a back-to-back, so it's a good opportunity to give Seabs a rest and see what Gilbert has.
Reporter: What have you thought of Seabrook's play?
Colliton: I think he's been fine. He's working hard. He's trying to do the right things for us. I think he's had some really good moments, and just like the rest of our team, there've been times where we need more.
Reporter: How did he take it?
Colliton: It is what it is. Coach's decision.
Reporter: Was he OK with it?
Colliton: I don't think anyone's OK with not playing.
What do you think of Colliton's comments?

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