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Jeremy Colliton Calls Out Erik Gustafsson.

Published October 10, 2019 at 12:23

The Chicago Blackhawks suit up for their home opener tonight at the United Center. The team is 0-1 to start the season after the loss in Prague, and while it's only been one regular season game, head coach Jeremy Colliton isn't too impressed with one specific guy. Colliton put into question Erik Gustafsson's commitment recently when talking with the media. "He can be good defensively," Colliton told reporters. "He just has to commit to it. When he's engaged and keeping his shifts shorter, it's much easier for him to play high level away from the puck, and that's what we expect."
Gustafsson impressed last season, especially with his offensive play. However it doesn't sound like he'll have the same opportunities based on Colliton's comments. What do you think of Colliton's comments?

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