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Former Chicago goaltender calls out the NHL

Published February 10, 2024 at 11:29
Glenn Healy, a former NHL goaltender, spent fifteen seasons playing in the NHL, with the majority of his career split between the LA Kings, New York Islanders, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs.


After retiring in 2001, Healy continued his work in the sport and served with the NHLPA until 2009. His goals were to help grow the game and take care of other retired players.

Recently, Healy had an interview with the hosts of Spittin' Chiclets, where he criticized Gary Bettman and the NHL for their lack of support for retired players' healthcare.

Healy proposed a wraparound healthcare plan that the NHLPA and the NHL could contribute to for $2.5 million annually.

"When we presented a proposal to the league we said to Gary, when you took over, revenues were $417 Million and now they are $6 Billion. You're selling teams like Ottawa for $950 Million dollars. They were initially sold for the price of interchange to get off the highway.»

«A wrap around health care would be about $2.5 million from the PA side and the league side. And I will not stop until they provide that for the players that have built the game."

However, Bettman dismissed the proposal, citing budget constraints.

In 2023, the Toronto Maple Leafs were one of the most valuable NHL franchises, worth $2.8 billion, while even the struggling Arizona Coyotes were still valued at an estimated $500 million.

Given the gap between these two valuations, there should be enough budget to cover the healthcare costs of former NHL players.

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Former Chicago goaltender calls out the NHL

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