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Uneasy update on Connor Bedard's broken jaw

Published February 10, 2024 at 11:18

Chicago Blackhawks fans should be patient with rookie All-Star Connor Bedard's return.

He has been out for a month, and while his initial recovery time was set to be six to eight weeks, it seems like he may not be ready to return to the ice just yet.


Head coach Luke Richardson has stated that Bedard's return may take longer than expected, so fans should not expect him to be back just yet.

"I think it's not going to probably be before six weeks, as much as he wants it to be," Richardson said. "You know, he's out and he's progressing at practice, other than contact drills. Just to get him into a couple practices, get him used to looking for contact and avoiding contact, bracing for it and being ready for it, once he gets a few of those in, then I think he'll be ready to go because he's skating and in the gym quite a bit."

In Bedard's absence, the team has been struggling, going 3-9 and experiencing a record 20-game losing streak on the road, followed by another 5-game losing streak more recently.

During this 12-game stretch, the team has only scored 16 goals, and they have suffered three shutouts.

The Blackhawks are currently in last place in the Central Division, with a record of 14-35-2.

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Uneasy update on Connor Bedard's broken jaw

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