Drama Surrounding Chicago Blackhawks' Prospect.

Published April 17, 2020 at 3:59 PM

"The Chicago Blackhawks and general manager Stan Bowman have kept busy so far this offseason with six contract signings so far. Four of those six contracts were used for signing players to entry level contracts, however it sounds like they might have some trouble getting one specific forward over. There's a bit of drama developing overseas when it comes 2011 4th round pick, Maxim Shalunov. The 27 year old is eligible to come over and sign with the Blackhawks since his contract with CSKA Moscow has ended. It might be complicated though. Scott Powers of The Athletic reports there's been some drama with Blackhawks amateur scout, Andrei Nikolishin. The scout is quoted as saying that if the Blackhawks wanted to sign Shalunov he would have been notified but he hasn't received any indication so far. All this came out during an interview with Championat.com where he added that he believed Shalunov's agent was using Shalunov and Blackhawks rumors to land him a better contract with CSKA.Powers spoke to the agent in question, Shumi Babaev, who said it was all false.«It's unprofessional,» Babaev told Powers by phone from Moscow on Thursday night. «I'm going to recommend to my young players not to talk to this scout. He violated ethical standards. He doesn't know what's going on. I've already told CSKA we have no plans on signing for next season. Shalunov plans on playing in the NHL. We'd like to sign with Chicago.» Babaev wanted to make it clear that Shalunov wants to play in Chicago and has spoken to general manager Stan Bowman. He added that he didn't have an answer on what direction the Hawks' were leaning.


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