BREAKING Blackhawks Cancel Fan Convention.

Published April 15, 2020 at 11:15

"The Chicago Blackhawks made a major announcement on Wednesday. The Blackhawks announced that they'd canceled 2020 Blackhawk Convention. This makes sense as the 2019-20 NHL season might actually end up getting played during those July dates 24-26 so a convention wouldn't make much sense during hockey season. Here's the Blackhawks official release:"As the National Hockey League continues to evaluate the future of the 2019-20 season with guidance from public health officials, the Chicago Blackhawks have decided to cancel the 2020 Blackhawks Convention (July 24-26 at the Hilton Chicago).
Full refunds for hotel room deposits and/or Convention passes will be processed automatically by the fan's point of purchase (Hilton Chicago, Ticketmaster or Chicago Blackhawks Ticketing). Please visit Blackhawks.com/Convention for additional information and frequently asked questions."


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