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Don Cherry and Ron MacLean Patch Up Friendship After 5 years

Published March 12, 2024 at 7:54 PM

Ron MacLean and Don Cherry's seemingly inseparable partnership ended in 2019.

However, on Don Cherry's 90th birthday in Ontario, the tide seems to be turning.

They have buried the hatchet and made up again after their venomous split in 2019. His controversial comments about immigration cost him his job at Sportsnet and CBC.


Cherry's use of the term "You People" to describe new Canadians who refused to wear a symbolic poppy for Remembrance Day in 2019 led to a massive backlash against him.

MacLean wouldn't defend Cherry in public after the remarks, and after Cherry was removed from his position, MacLean didn't change his stance on his long-time friend and broadcasting partner.

Afterward, Cherry said he was "disappointed" and "I don't expect us to be friends again".

In Mississauga, Ontario, the two were spotted together during Don Cherry's 90th birthday party five years later.

The 63-year-old MacLean still hosts CBC's Hockey Night In Canada every Saturday, while Cherry has retired after being forced out by the industry.

He still hosts a weekly podcast, with his son Tim Cherry, which is coincidentally called "Don Cherry's Grapevine Podcast" in honor of the show he hosted from 1982 to 1993.

Surprisingly, it seemed unlikely the two would ever reconcile.

Grapes is known for grudges, and MacLean hasn't done much work in public to mend what was broken between the two.

Following Cherry's firing, MacLean was subject to much criticism, which many thought was deserved due to the fact they thought he had stabbed Cherry in the back.

MacLean still hasn't won the favor of fans as seen below:

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Don Cherry and Ron MacLean Patch Up Friendship After 5 years

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