Former NHL player and Analyst Anson Carter

Investor Group led by former NHL player seeks expansion team for Atlanta

Published March 12, 2024 at 6:52 PM

Atlanta has a long history with the NHL, starting with the Atlanta Flames franchise, which later moved to Calgary. Then there were the Atlanta Thrashers, which would become the Winnipeg Jets.

The former NHL player and current NHL analyst is now looking to bring a franchise back to the city.


Currently, Anson Carter is an on-air analyst for NHL on TNT and continues his relationship with the NHL as someone who offers commentary on games.

His plan now is to become a co-owner with an investor group that will look to bring an expansion team back to Atlanta.

We have a new entrant revealing its desire for NHL expansion. Broadcaster Anson Carter, who scored 202 goals in 674 NHL games, unveils Alpharetta Sports & Entertainment Group — wishing to bring a team back to Atlanta. Details here:

Major hockey media outlets have reported on the story. If you've been paying attention, Utah was the latest city to pitch for an NHL franchise.

While Atlanta has always been in the background of these discussions, there has never been a definitive yes or no.

Alpharetta Sports and Entertainment Group, led by Anson Carter, has formally requested the NHL to initiate the expansion process to bring a team back to Atlanta.

Anson Carter will lead an investor group named Alpharetta Sports Group in bringing the NHL back to Georgia.


To bring a franchise back to Atlanta, Carter has been working with Alpharetta Mayor Jim Gilvin. Gilvin has been supportive of the plan, citing infrastructure improvements and a selected location to help move the project forward.

This a major development of the NHL to Atlanta story, which has been on a steady boil all summer.

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Investor Group led by former NHL player seeks expansion team for Atlanta

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