Colliton Reveals His Solution On How To Get More Goals This Afternoon.

August 13, 2020  (4:54 PM)

The Chicago Blackhawks will try and bounce back from their Game 1 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights this afternoon. Chicago didn't look absolutely terrible against Vegas in Game 1, but they just couldn't get anything going as they ended up with a 4-1 loss. Head coach Jeremy Colliton believes it's just one simple adjustment the Hawks need to make to get more goals, and that's hold onto the puck longer. "We have to protect the puck in the offensive zone a little more, establish a little bit more zone time, force them to defend for longer periods," Colliton said. "I think they're a big team, they're good at getting pucks back, they want to overload in D zone. If you can hold it longer, sometimes you can create something. We just want to have possession more in the offensive zone and get out of our own end quicker."
Captain Jonathan Toews believes puck possession will make a huge difference as well. "This time of year, it starts with possession down low. They box in pretty good getting shots from the point, but as forwards, we've got to work harder to get to that net to help our D-men and get eyes in front of Lehner," Toews said Wednesday. "There were still some situations yesterday where we had some Grade-A chances and we didn't shoot the puck. We've got to take those shots, we can't hesitate. "They're throwing pucks from everywhere on Crow and trying to get ugly goals and that's how we're going to score this time of year in these playoff games. Against a team like Vegas, it doesn't have to be pretty. We need to test Lehner a little bit more, throw it at his feet, get in there and try and find some of those 'ugly goals' as we always say. It's pretty simple."What do you think of Colliton and Toews' plan?

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