Robin Lehner Confirmed To Start For Vegas Tonight Against Chicago.

Published August 11, 2020 at 6:39 PM

"The Chicago Blackhawks open up their playoff series against the Vegas Golden Knights tonight for Game 1 of the seven game series. For Game 1, they'll have to take down an old friend. Golden Knights head coach Peter DeBoer just confirmed that Robin Lehner will get the start for the Golden Knights tonight. DeBoer explained he's simply choosing to go with the hot hand tonight to help his team get the first win of the series. «The best way I can explain it, how I came to the decision, it wasn't what Flower didn't do. It's what Robin has done since he got here,» DeBoer said .
Marc-Andre Fleury struggled in his only round robin start giving up four goals in 17 shots against St. Louis. We'll have full lineup previews later on tonight.


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