Colliton Explains Why He Removed Kubalik Off Third Line After Scoring.

Published October 11, 2019 at 10:02

The Chicago Blackhawks started last night game on the right foot.Dominik Kubalik scored his first NHL goal, Andrew Shaw scored two goals and it seemed like the Blackhawks could send the United Center crown home happy. But it didn't work out like that. Alex Nylander was nowhere close to the player he was during the season opener in Prague or during preseason and was moved down the lineup.Kubalik took his place on the first line, and basically disappeared with zero shots on goal after six in the first period. "We're trying to get that other line going, Toews and Kane," Colliton explained afterwards. "And so we thought he was the one who was really ... he was dynamic. I thought he was great, especially early on. We had a lot of momentum with the other line, too. I thought they were excellent, both Kampf and Saad. They were playing well. We'll see, that (decision) will be something we consider over the next day or so." It was clear that Colliton's line changes killed the team's momentum after the first period as Jimmy Greenfield of the Chicago Tribune points out. After the Hawks' head coach made the switch, the two lines of Kane-Toews-Kubalik/Nylander-Kampf-Saad only put together four shots while allowing 21.

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