Is Stan Bowman Hurting The Blackhawks?

Published April 14, 2020 at 4:35 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks have missed the playoffs for a couple of years and the last time they were in, they were eliminated almost immediately. The Chicago Blackhawks have been forced to trade key players because of a mismanaged salary cap for the last couple of years. The man behind those last couple of years?General manager Stan Bowman of course and it seems some fans are absolutely done with him. The Athletic put together a Chicago Blackhawks' fan survey and Bowman didn't fare well at all with only a small amount of fans showing they have confidence in him. Here's some of the comments that stood out. «Bowman needs to go. He signed Seabrook to a terrible contract and handicapped the team. He is afraid to let players walk and overpays them. «
«Seems like the front office sort of panicked when their backs were against the cap wall and then have used winning as an excuse as to why they haven't been successful. Overall, very little accountability from them. For Stan Bowman to come out and say when asked if he would ask Kane or Toews for insight at all and brushed it off like he was above that, was insane. I feel like Stan thinks he's the smartest guy in the building when that's not the case.»
«I have not been a huge fan of our asset management over recent years. I feel we have overpaid in terms of both money and duration on several players over the years, and have suffered some consequences because of it. I would say that lies on Stan Bowman and I think he should be held accountable for the current state of the team prior to our coaches.»
While it's easy to knock Bowman for his salary cap work while trying to bring more Cups to the city, it's hard to deny that he's drafted some great talent and rebooted the farm system over the years. Do you think Bowman should be fired?

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