WATCH: Gibson Goes After Kane to Protect His Teammate

Published April 8, 2022 at 4:17 PM

It's basic hockey knowledge that if a member of the opposing team tries to get an extra jab in on the goalie, or is in the crease, or even looks like they're going to step in the crease, pretty much the entire team will jump on him. You don't mess with the goalies. They are beloved treasures and you will pay. Well, in this instance, it's the goalie to the rescue.

After Gibson made a glove save, early in the 1st period of the Ducks/Oilers game on Sunday, Evander Kane did what Evander Kane does, and got in the crease, and got a little too close to Gibson, so 23 year old Josh Mahura did what any teammate would do and stepped between them to protect his goalie. Well, Kane has about 7 years, 25 pounds, and a few inches on Mahura so immediately, Gibson did the whole «Pick on someone your own size» bit to in turn, protect his younger, smaller, teammate.

It's rare to see goalies get in fights. Usually they kind of skate a couple feet back and watch, maybe nudge a guy here or there, or, if you're Marc-André Fleury, flick an ear or toss a helmet. Unfortunately, the excess chivalry cost the Ducks an extra roughing minor (served by Drysdale), giving the Oilers a Power Play, on which they scored.
Personally, I'm loving John Gibson for this move. Evander Kane is unhinged and could have done a lot of damage to a smaller guy. Just one of the millions of reasons why goalies are my fave. Good on you, Gibson.

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WATCH: Gibson Goes After Kane to Protect His Teammate

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