Two-time Olympic Medalist Left Paralyzed After Disturbing Collision in Today's Game

Published November 25, 2023 at 7:49 PM

A Sad Incident Hits Hockey World

In some really sad news, the hockey community is dealing with another tough situation. This time, it's hitting hard for 26-year-old Finnish hockey player and two-time Olympic medalist, Sanni Hakala.


Hakala Faces Paralysis After Game Accident

New reports from Finland tell us that Hakala is now paralyzed from the waist down after a tough incident during a game between HV71, her team, and Djurgarden of the Swedish Women's Hockey League (SDHL).

The incident happened in the first minutes of the game when Hakala, moving fast, tried to get in position in front of the net. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and crashed into the ice, sending her headfirst into the goal post. She stayed still on the ice for a while.

Medical staff quickly took care of Hakala, giving her help on the spot before taking her on a stretcher to an ambulance headed for the hospital. The latest news on Hakala's condition says she's paralyzed from the incident, as a paramedic said in Jonkopings-Posten.

Finnish women's national team player Sanni Hakala severely injured during a game in the Swedish women's league. She collided head-on with a post during the game. According to Jönköpings Posten, she has no feeling in her extremities from waist down.

"We pressed hard on her leg several times with really hard strength, and she did not react,"
the paramedic said.

Trigger warning: medical injury.
If you translate the post it says Sanni Hakala was injured in a game tonight.
Women's Hockey World on Insta says the Sweden Post says she is awake, breathing, can move her arms.

This tough situation could mean the end of Hakala's hockey career, both at home and internationally. We all hope she somehow recovers fully from these serious injuries.


An official update has been provided today, and can be found below:


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Two-time Olympic Medalist Left Paralyzed After Disturbing Collision in Today's Game

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