BREAKING - Concerning information exposes why teams don't want to sign Patrick Kane

Published November 25, 2023 at 1:54 PM

One of the most highly anticipated signings in the last several months is the impending signing of Patrick Kane to an NHL franchise. Speculation has been rampant across the Internet regarding what the 35-year-old forward is looking for in terms of a contract and to which team he will sign.

Several teams have spoken to him, presenting their case to the right winger on what the fit would be if he were to choose their organization. It has recently been revealed, according to Elliotte Friedman of the "32 Thoughts" podcast, that the term for the contract could be a sticking point for several teams.

As a 35-year-old player recovering from hip resurfacing surgery, it's understandable why teams could be resistant to signing a two-year deal with Kane.

Even though he appears to be recovering well from his surgery, it remains uncertain whether he can play at a high level and endure the rigour of the NHL throughout the remainder of the season.

Nicholas Backstrom, who underwent the same surgery, has decided to walk away from the game for the rest of the season due to health problems surrounding his hip.

It's also expected that Kane will not be looking at a league minimum deal and would be asking for several million dollars per year, as he believes he can still contribute at the NHL level. Reports indicate that his decision will be coming shortly after the US Thanksgiving weekend.
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BREAKING - Concerning information exposes why teams don't want to sign Patrick Kane

Will Patrick Kane receive a one or two year deal?

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