Blackhawks now hurt in 3 tough ways following 2024 draft lottery

May 8, 2024  (6:05 PM)

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How Missing the Top Draft Pick Affects the Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks nearly hit the jackpot but ended up with the second overall pick in this year's NHL Draft Lottery, just missing out on the top spot. Not getting the first pick and the chance to draft star prospect Macklin Celebrini could really change things for the team.
Here are three big ways the Blackhawks could feel the impact:
1. No Dream Duo of Celebrini and Bedard: The Blackhawks are likely to pick Ivan Demidov, a player with great potential.
However, Demidov plans to play another season in Russia, meaning he won't be joining the Blackhawks lineup right away. This delay means fans will have to wait longer to see a new dynamic duo, as Celebrini would have teamed up with Connor Bedard. This could slow down the excitement and progress the team hopes to make.
2. A Longer Rebuilding Period:
Ideally, Celebrini would have joined the Blackhawks and started playing right away, speeding up the team's rebuild with his skills and energy. Now, with the second pick possibly not playing in the NHL immediately, it might take longer for the Blackhawks to become strong contenders again.
The team will have to be patient as they develop their new player, which might be tough for fans wanting quick results.
3. Harder to Attract Top Free Agents:
Usually, teams rebuild by picking young talents from drafts, but having two exciting young players like Celebrini and Bedard could have attracted top free agents.
These players want to join teams that are getting better fast. Without the promise of quickly rising stars, the Blackhawks might find it harder to lure big names, possibly needing to spend more money to bring them in.
Even though the Blackhawks are set to pick a very talented player, not getting Celebrini has left some fans wondering what might have been. As the draft approaches, the team's focus will be on making the most of their second pick and finding ways to speed up their rebuild.
The next few seasons will be key to seeing if their strategies work out as the NHL continues to evolve.
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Blackhawks now hurt in 3 tough ways following 2024 draft lottery

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