Toews sighting in Chicago!

Published July 16, 2023 at 12:10

As of this writing, Jonathan Toews has not made an official statement concerning his NHL status. However, the fact that he is not listed as a free agent on the official website of his agency is a dead giveaway that something significant is going on.

It had been speculated that Toews would land in Edmonton as a depth player, but that has not come to fruition as of yet.

A Jonathan Toews sighting- Wholesome content!

Wonder what he is thinking these days regarding his future, but great to see him looking healthy.. and still in Chicago! #Blackhawks

Even with all of the news in recent years regarding his poor health, in April of this year, he played his last game for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Although he has never signed anywhere else, he still considers Chicago to be his hometown! You can see him with a fan in this picture! I hope you enjoy it!
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Toews sighting in Chicago!

Is Jonathan Toews going to retire?

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