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The Blackhawks New Forward Listed in Top 10 FA Signings

Published August 7, 2022 at 1:10

Despite the Blackhawks having one heck of a rough season and losing multiple key pieces and fan favorites, Hawks fans can prepare to see new faces in the lineup acquiring during free agency, and the future of the organization.

The future of the Blackhawks organization contains a solid core of promising prospects such as Lukas Reichel, Alex Vlasic, Alec Regula and more. The Blackhawks cannot run a full team of first year NHL players, they need veteran experience in all categories, and they sure have acquired veteran pieces to help the teams youth develop.

Max Domi, Collin Blackwell are just two of the 4 names that the Blackhawks have acquired during free agency for forwards, Blackwell is a defensive stud, and will give his forward and defensive line mates the confidence they need to develop whenever he is on the ice.

Blackwell has recently been listed in the top 10 free agent signing thus far, and the stats prove it.

Blackwell signed a two-year deal with the Chicago Blackhawks for a average of $1.2 million per season, multiple great stats are listed below and may seem like gibberish to some- but Hawks fans will get to see him live in action in just under 50 days, when Hawks hockey starts back up!

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The Blackhawks New Forward Listed in Top 10 FA Signings

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