Patrick Kane Talks About 1st Overall Pick Connor Bedard

Published May 10, 2023 at 10:25

Back in January, Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawk at the time. In an interview was asked about Connor Bedard, and his play at this year's Bio Steel Camp.

"Everyone's kind of wondering how is he going to do at the next level, how's he going to be. From what I saw, I think it's all right there, he's going to be special."

Connor Bedard and Patrick Kane, are a lot alike in terms of play style and just overall appearance.

Bedard looked up to Patrick Kane, growing up. Fans think it is destiny that Connor became a Blackhawk. Following in the footsteps of Kane.
Who knows maybe Patrick Kane, will return to the Hawks next season.

First look at Connor Bedard in the Blackhawks uniform:

We have already seen glimpses of Connor Bedard, taking after the former Blackhawk. In the IIHF World Junior quarterfinals, everyone watched as Bedard, walked through the Slovak team in overtime. After doing so celebrating with the infamous «heartbreak celly» done by Patrick Kane.

It doesn't end there, in this years WHL Playoffs. Connor Bedard, cut his hair into a mullet and got it to look like Patrick Kane.

"Patty Kane did it when he had his mullet, so I had a photo of him to the hairdresser and held it out there a bit," Bedard said on Tuesday. "His was a little nicer, but I think mine's alright."

Bedard's hair style is reminiscent to what Kane did prior to the start of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup Championship in six games against the Philadelphia Flyers.


Now the Chicago Blackhawks fans can look forward to Connor Bedard, making his NHL debut, being able to reminisce and feeling like watching a young Patrick Kane again. As Bedard and Kane's play is also similar.

Connor Bedard World Junior Highlights:

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Patrick Kane Talks About 1st Overall Pick Connor Bedard

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