Oilers' Evander Kane Leaves The NHL Over Court Filings

Published January 26, 2023 at 0:13

Whether you love him or hate him, Evander Kane is good at hockey. His teammates love him and even though he may not light up the score sheet on a nightly basis, he makes an impact every time he steps foot on the ice.


Evander Kane missed two months this season after taking a Patrick Maroon skate to the wrist in a scary incident earlier in the season. The two shared a wholesome moment ahead of their matchup at center ice where Maroon and Kane seemed to hash things out and skated away with no hard feelings towards each other.

While Evander Kane is now back with the Oilers injury free, he is now out again likely until after the all-star break. Kane is set to appear in court for his bankruptcy trial in San Jose. Kane will need to appear in court 7 days over the two week span of January 23rd to February 2nd.

The Oilers were supposedly aware of this situation before activating Kane off of injured reserve, but was this the right move? Kane was back for just a few games and will miss the rest of the week of action. Should the Oilers have kept him on IR?
January 26   |   604 answers
Oilers' Evander Kane Leaves The NHL Over Court Filings

Should the Oilers have kept Kane on IR?

Yes34156.5 %
No26343.5 %
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