NHL History Made as Staff Employee Comes Out as Gay

Published November 3, 2023 at 6:14 PM

A Milestone in the NHL

In a recent statement to ESPN.com NHL reporter Ryan S. Clark, Justin Rogers, the assistant athletic trainer for the Seattle Kraken, made an announcement of personal significance within the NHL. By publicly sharing that he identifies as gay, Rogers has marked a unique moment in the league, contributing to the growing commitment to inclusivity.

Rogers is recognized as the first openly gay member on an NHL team's bench, a landmark decision while maintaining his role as an athletic trainer for the Kraken. His motivation in sharing his journey as an LGBTQ+ member in professional hockey is to encourage openness and acceptance.

Promoting Openness and Inclusivity

Kraken General Manager Ron Francis mentioned,
'' think it was more at that point; he felt that it was kind of time to tell his story. I said, 'Let's figure out how to help you do that.''

His story is expected to inspire others to feel comfortable and open about their identities within the sport. By sharing his personal journey, Rogers contributes to a more inclusive atmosphere in the league.

His openness sets a positive example for others in professional sports and beyond.

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NHL History Made as Staff Employee Comes Out as Gay

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