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Patrick Kane is returning to the Chicago Blackhawks? Information Has Been Leaked, and It's Major:

Published November 3, 2023 at 2:29 PM

The Patrick Kane Speculation Resurfaces

The rumors swirling around Patrick Kane's future in the NHL have been rekindled, thanks to a report by TSN's Insider Darren Dreger. His informants, playfully referred to as
"airport spies,"
have spotted Kane, the most notable unsigned free agent, at Toronto's Pearson Airport once more. But Dreger's insights indicate that this sighting may not necessarily indicate a move to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A Break in Toronto For Patrick Kane

Kane is taking a short break from rehabbing in Toronto and is returning to Chicago. While in the Toronto area, Kane has been rehabbing after hip-resurfacing surgery on June 1. Reports suggest that his recovery is right on schedule, with Kane feeling great and in excellent shape.

''Patrick Kane was spotted (in Toronto) on Wednesday... He's going back to Chicago for a bit of a break. But... he's been working out in the Toronto area rehabbing. I'm told that, man, he is on schedule and looks great and feels great.''
Said Darren Dreger of TSN.

His agent is preparing to explore signing options in the next week to ten days. Afterward, interviews and meetings with potential clubs will follow before Kane makes his final decision.

''To the point where his agent is going to start exploring (signing options) in a week to ten days. And once they get through that, they'll follow with interviews and meetings with some of these clubs, before Kane makes his ultimate decision. ''

Kane and his agent have consistently maintained that they wouldn't discuss a free-agent contract until he's fully prepared for NHL action. It seems that readiness is expected to come within the next two weeks!

As the idea of Patrick Kane's return to the NHL increases, the challenge for contending teams lies in making the necessary salary cap adjustments to accommodate his potential signing. In the coming week or two, we can anticipate these teams making the necessary roster changes to create space for Kane's return.

Source: NHL TR- Patrick Kane Free Agent Update
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Patrick Kane is returning to the Chicago Blackhawks? Information Has Been Leaked, and It's Major:

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