Multiple Blackhawks Favorited to Win Gold on a Dominating Canadian Roster

Published December 3, 2022 at 0:30

A potential roster for the World Junior Canada team has been revealed and quite frankly, they look unbeatable. The top line features 2022's top prospect, Shane Wright, and 2023's top prospect, Connor Bedard. The top line itself looks unstoppable. On this unstoppable roster are two Blackhawks prospects.

Ethan Del Mastro and Kevin Korchinski are on the projected roster for Team Canada's World Junior team. Ethan Del Maestro will be heading the top defensive pairing on the left side of the ice. Korchinski who was just drafted in the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft by the Blackhawks will also be on the left half of the defensive side on the third defensive pairing. This is good news for a Blackhawks team that has struggled with drafting and developing a defenseman since the days of Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook. The Blackhawks have had multiple swings and misses when it comes to drafting and developing defenseman, but seeing two future hawks on Team Canada definitely gives some hope to the franchise and its fans.

This roster is only a projection, but it's a good indicator of who the best prospects are in Canada. Del Mastro should be a lock considering he's on the top pairing, but someone like Korchinski could be a bubble player who may or may not make the roster. If anything, he could be a player who goes in and out of the lineup on an as needed basis.
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Multiple Blackhawks Favorited to Win Gold on a Dominating Canadian Roster

Which Blackhawk are you most excited to see on Team Canada?

Ethan Del Mastro1414.3 %
Kevin Korchinski2828.6 %
*Connor Bedard*5657.1 %
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