Milan Lucic to Serve as Connor Bedard's Bodyguard?

Published May 18, 2023 at 5:28 PM

In a stunning twist of fate, the Chicago Blackhawks secured the coveted first overall pick, a move set to transform their game. The question, however, lingers on everyone's mind: who will step up to shepherd this incoming sensation?

Enter stage right, Milan Lucic, a figure not only steeped in the lore of the rink but also highly reputed as a stalwart of protection in the ever-competitive NHL. Lucic, with his seasoned wisdom and formidable reputation, stands as the optimal guardian for the Blackhawks' impending star.

Lucic filled the same role on the Edmonton Oilers' top line when Connor McDavid was drafted.

It is important to recalibrate our expectations for the Blackhawks in the coming season, as they are not necessarily vying for an immediate rise to supremacy. Their strategy is focused more on careful, strategic rebuilding. Thus, Lucic's role is not solely about tallying up victories but rather about creating an environment where their diamond-in-the-rough can thrive, unharmed and uninterrupted.

Lucic, with his distinguished career as an 'enforcer', is perfectly poised to perform this critical task. He embodies the ideal sentinel, his imposing presence designed to ensure the Blackhawks' golden ticket remains untarnished throughout the arduous NHL season. Therefore, while the Blackhawks plot their strategic return to hockey dominance, we should all rest assured knowing that Lucic is at the helm, safeguarding their invaluable asset.
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Milan Lucic to Serve as Connor Bedard's Bodyguard?

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