Gary Bettman hands out a 'significant fine' to Fleury for supporting Native Heritage

Published November 24, 2023 at 6:05 PM

One of the friendliest and best players in the league, Marc-Andre Fleury rarely ventures into troublesome territory.

As it stands, Fleury would be fined according to NHL rules under Gary Bettman's new regime, which fines players for individual expression and expression of certain causes.

To honor his wife for Native American Night, Fleury planned to wear a new mask he received from Cole Red-Horse Taylor, an indigenous artist.


Quotes from his dad and the names of his children adorn the mask.

Despite the themed night, Gary Bettman says Bill Daly and the NHL Flower cannot wear this helmet or he will be fined. The team was going to be fined initially, but when the team paid the fine, the Wild organization would be fined as well.

Marc-Andre Fleury indicated he was planning to wear the mask anyway and pay the fine. The NHL then threatened the Wild organization with an additional significant fine.

A tribute of this magnitude to his children, wife, and family of this stature is incredible in what could be his last season in the NHL.

The NHL restricting arguably the most well-liked and respected player in the league from supporting his family on his helmet is certainly a decision.

What an absolutely terrible decision by Bettman and the league.
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Gary Bettman hands out a 'significant fine' to Fleury for supporting Native Heritage

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