Former Blackhawk Crushes His Opponent With His Fist

Published January 27, 2023 at 9:11

Thursday night the Detroit Red Wings went on the road to take on the Montreal Canadiens. The Red Wings would get the road victory, but former Blackhawk Kirby Dach was the center of attention.

At the start of the second period, gloves came off as soon as the puck was dropped. Representing the Canadiens was Kirby Dach while Andrew Copp represented the Red Wings. Well, sort of. There was not much of a fight to be had from Andrew Copp. As soon as the gloves came off, Dach was swinging and landing haymakers while Copp had no choice but to just take it. Dach is a big guy - 6' 4» with a weight of 198 pounds. Copp on the other hand is only 6' 1», with a weight of 205 pounds. Copp is still a bug guy as well, but when you compare the reach from each player, Dach has the advantage.

Dach isn't known to be the player to drop the gloves. However, after a decisive fight against Copp, perhaps he'd be more willing to drop the gloves more often. It definitely would be fun to watch Dach have some enforcer traits. Perhaps Kirby Dach and Ryan Reaves can square off at center ice sometime.

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Former Blackhawk Crushes His Opponent With His Fist

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