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9 Year Old Boy Tells a Leafs Player He Sucks to His Face

Published January 26, 2023 at 5:13 PM

''Kids will be kids'' is a famous quote i am sure one mom has been saying after her child told a Toronto Maple Leafs player ''you suck''.

Goaltender Matt Murray had an awful performance on January 17th, letting in four goals on eight shots where he was then pulled from the game. The Maple Leafs have a cool feature that many NHL arenas don't, kids and fans can line up by the team's dressing room and give the players handshakes after and at the start of each period as well as after the game.

A little 9 year old Maple Leafs fan decided to go to the handshake line to let Maple Leafs Matt Murray know that he ''sucked''.

Murray you suck.

This is not exactly what a hockey players likes to hear, especially after the rough career Murray has had and how downhill it's gone, it does not help the morale.
January 26   |   98 answers
9 Year Old Boy Tells a Leafs Player He Sucks to His Face

Should this little boy be disciplined for saying this?

Yes6263.3 %
No, kids will be kids.3636.7 %
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