Three Scraps Breakout in 15 Seconds - All Heavyweights!?

Published January 26, 2023 at 8:49 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota Wild wasted no time getting things going, in the first period three fights broke out within 15 seconds, yes, THREE!

These were not just the odd ordinary fights, these were heavyweight tilts and even a rookie fight!

The first fight you would probably expect to be the most entertaining, between Ryan Reaves and Nic Deslauriers..

Just seconds later Philadelphia Flyers rookie Wade Allison drops the gloves and body slams a Minnesota Wild heavyweight!

Fight #3 consisted of a man called ''Big Mac Zac'' on the Philadelphia Flyers, and he sure proved his nickname as he took on heavyweight Marcus Foligno:

Who won these fights?
January 26   |   97 answers
Three Scraps Breakout in 15 Seconds - All Heavyweights!?

Who's the winner of these fights?

Flyers3940.2 %
Wilf5859.8 %
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