Disturbing incident breaks loose after goaltender dies during warmup

Published November 27, 2023 at 7:30 PM

Tragic Incident Strikes Russian Amateur Hockey League

In a recent and tragic event in New Moscow, a 62-year-old goalie in a Russian amateur hockey league passed away unexpectedly during warm-up.

Lack of Medical Attention Raises Concerns

Regrettably, the goalie's death seems to be linked to a delay in receiving medical attention after his collapse. Shockingly, the league faced challenges in having medical personnel on-site due to the associated costs.

"We talked with the teams before the season. They refused to take ambulances because it would make the championship more expensive. We will gather the division council. We are definitely in favor of ambulances being present at matches."

Because of budget constraints, the league couldn't afford to have medical personnel available during the weekend of the incident.

"What is the cause of death? We don't yet have all the information ourselves. I personally wasn't here at the game. It happened late. Goalkeeper Nikolai Kuznetsov was 62 years old. We are in touch with the hockey player's relatives. We will help them in everything." Director of SHL (Russian amateur league) Sergei Stolyarov

Despite medics eventually arriving at the scene, their assistance came too late. This unfortunate incident follows a similar circumstance that led to the death of another amateur hockey player, also aged 60, a few weeks prior.

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Disturbing incident breaks loose after goaltender dies during warmup

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