Blackhawks confirm rumours are false on Corey Perry news

Published November 27, 2023 at 5:36 PM

The Corey Perry saga in Chicago has taken a surprising turn, causing widespread confusion since his sudden absence from the lineup last week. Initial reports suggested that the team had requested Perry to stay away, with his agent attributing it to personal reasons. However, recent revelations added complexity to the situation.

NHL Insider Incarcerated Bob hinted at undisclosed details, pointing to a significant incident during the recent Mom's Trip hosted by the Blackhawks, where players' moms attended.

Speculation arose that Perry might have been involved in an incident with a teammate's mom.

However, just hours after this rumor circulated, the Blackhawks' lead team reporter from NBC Sports Chicago issued a statement, debunking the speculation.

The statement read:

"The Corey Perry rumor that's going around is 100% false. Carry on, everyone. #Blackhawks."

This official clarification aims to put an end to the swirling rumors surrounding Perry's situation in Chicago.

November 27   |   272 answers
Blackhawks confirm rumours are false on Corey Perry news

Why do you think Perry has been suspended from the Blackhawks?

Trade request279.9 %
Incident with a teammate or other person14151.8 %
Personal issue10438.2 %
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