Connor Bedard is a classy individual--here's why

Published September 3, 2023 at 0:04

As a humble and temperate individual, Connor Bedard has gained recognition throughout the media. In reference to his own type of player, he refutes any comparisons to Connor McDavid.

As reported on NHLBreakers Instagram, after Matvei Michkov lost his father, Bedard texted him his condolences and offered him friendship and support.

When I had the tragic news of my dad, Connor texted me; ‘Everything will be fine, I'm with you. I've seen how you play, I know you'll make him proud. Stay strong. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.

Michkov responded in kind, telling Bedard he'd be welcome to stay with him if he ever travels to Russia.

«I told him you aren't likely to be in Russia but if you are any time you have my number I'm always happy to see you»

@matvey_michkov39 on what @_connorbedard mom and dad told

Clearly, even prospects respect each other on a level that goes beyond the game, and compassion reigns supreme, even between those about to face off in the NHL.

The compassion in Bedard's message is obvious, but he is also a classy individual.

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Connor Bedard is a classy individual--here's why

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