Connor Bedard Falling out of the 1 pick?

Published December 11, 2022 at 3:19

There is no question this draft class is stacked, but who's going #1?

Most of you will say Connor Bedard, and you aren't wrong. But, there are three possible #1 selections in this year's draft. Those three consists of Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, and Matevi Michkov. Adam and Connor are Canadian, and Matevi is Russian.

Bedard was the surefire first round pick coming into this season, and still probably is. But, some people are starting to mention Fantilli's name in those conversations. Michkov not quite yet, but I bet he will eventually; him being from Russia and the current events going on there could also be affecting that.

Here are their stats:
Connor Bedard - 64 points in 28 games
Adam Fantilli - 26 points in 16 games
Matevi Michkov - 13 points in 10 games

Michkov's stats doesn't look as appealing as everyone else's, but he hasn't played as much games as the other two. You also may look at Bedard's stats and wonder why there is a question on who would be going first. Well, the same thing happened last year.

For reference, the Montreal Canadians had the first pick last year. Center Shane Wright was the #1 pick coming out of the offseason and into the season. But around the end of the season, people started questioning whether Wright was worth the first selection or not. The Canadians ended up taking Juraj Slafkovsky as the #1 pick in the draft.

If you'd ask me, Connor is the #1 pick. And whoever team passes on him is going to be sorry.
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Connor Bedard Falling out of the 1 pick?

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