Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Calls Out a Forwards Poor Performances

Published December 1, 2022 at 3:01 PM

As much as Jujhar Khaira has slightly ''impressed'' this season by scoring 3 goals so far and matching his total gotal goal count from last season, he has been looking out of place on the Chicago Blackhawks roster at many times.

During the second period on Sundays game when the Winnipeg Jets scored a touchdown on the Blackhawks in a brutal loss (7-2) Khaira scored his first in many games.

But shortly after the goal, he'd let a Winnipeg Jet blow right by him which resulted in another Winnipeg Jets goal, Khaira recognized his mistake, and stated the following:

''I've got to know where I've got to go on that,'' said Khaira.
''Once I hand it off to the D,' I have to cover the middle. That's the most important ice. I have to learn from that. That's a mistake, that's not how you want to learn, but unfortunately that's what happens. Now it's just [about] trying not to let that happen again.''

Khaira's defensive coverage has been his most noticable struggle, and as a 6 foot 4 200lb forward who isn't offensive, the team expects him to be defensive.

Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson did not hold back during his post-game interviews and called out Khaira's specific mistake, saying he had to ''float to the inside and have [his] stick to the inside» in that play.

Luke Richardson also mentioned that Khaira is always the «first guy to ask to look at his shifts» but Khaira did not ask about the turnover which lead to a goal.

You cannot expect much out of Khaira as he is on the Blackhawks third line alongside Collin Blackwell and Jason Dickinson, but one thing most third lines need to do is apply pressure, and to grind it out in gritty ways, not let plays happen while they are flat-footed.

''It's the same mindset I always have,'' Said Khaira. ''But right now, they're going in (referencing the goals). So I'll just try to stay confident and continue to do what I'm doing.

''As long as we're creating those chances, that's the main thing. But [to score some] greasy goals, we have to get to the net more and try to be in the right areas for those rebounds and tips and all that.''

Richardson had one more comment to say regarding Khaira:

''When he's moving his feet, he's strong on the puck and he can make things happen,» Said Richardson. ''When he stops moving his feet, he gets stuck on the wall on certain things, then he gets glued into the puck''.

This information is credited and brought to you by Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun Times, his article can be seen below as well as more pieces can be viewed on his twitter:

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Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Calls Out a Forwards Poor Performances

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