Jonathan Toews Approached The Blackhawks Head Coach After Last Night's Loss

Published December 1, 2022 at 1:47 PM


Jonathan Toews, a lifelong Blackhawk deserves to be treated with all due respect as he shows it to everyone else around him. Toews did not just earn the ''C'' on his sweater for no reason, he earned it as he is the Blackhawks best leader on and off the ice.

Jonathan Toews and the Blackhawks endured a tough 5-4 last-minute loss in last nights matchup against the Edmonton Oilers and Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews approached Luke Richardson, the Blackhawks head coach.

Jonathan Toews and his line with Patrick Kane got dominated throughout the game and were accountable for 3 out of 5 Oilers goals scored, but Toews wanted to be held accountable even more, but off the ice this time.

''Luke Richardson said Jonathan Toews approached him and asked for a couple critical errors he made last night to be included in the team video session this morning. He wanted to take accountability, and also hoped the rest of the team could learn from it.''

Richardson then approached Kane and Toews and asked to make things a bit more ''lightening'' at todays practice after a tough loss last night.

If this doesn't show the kind of class Toews holds for this organization, i am not sure what does!

Richardson spoke on the matter, and you can view it below:

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Jonathan Toews Approached The Blackhawks Head Coach After Last Night's Loss

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