Capitals' aging superstar makes a fool out of Seth Jones.

Published March 24, 2023 at 0:47

Two words come to mind when I think about Alexander Ovechkin, skill and excitement. First, the skill, strength and unprecedented ability to score goals are amazing to watch at the age of 37 years old. Ovi is always in the play and is always a threat, especially at the point when he takes his cannon of a shot.

Then you have the excitement, he brings an excitement to the game that many players do not which Is why in my opinion he ranks in the top five.

His love for the game, especially when he won the Stanley Cup in 2017 with probably the best reaction I've ever seen, makes the case for me.

Tonight, when the capitals came into town to play the Blackhawks, Ovi put that display of excitement and skill firsthand against Seth Jones. With the harmless play leaving the Capitals' zone Ovi managed to get the puck and burst down for a breakaway.

Seth Jones who is 9 years his junior, looked helpless against the speed that Ovi has in which he scored.

Both the capitals and the Blackhawks are in bad states of construction,
Both teams are in the twilight of their window to win the Stanley Cup and retooling and rebuilding states have begun for both teams.

With Ovi's quest to try to beat Wayne Gretzky's record of most goals ever in the NHL, play like this will help him reach there.
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Capitals' aging superstar makes a fool out of Seth Jones.

Will Ovi beat the record of Gretzky for most goals?

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No6838 %
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