Cancer Patient Gets The Surprise Of Her Life From Carey Price

S. Harper
January 18, 2023  (7:14 PM)

It's been a very stressful time for a female Montreal Canadiens fan named Shirley Wischee Moar, she and her husband Kenneth have been trying to find the cause for Shirley's headaches. Unfortunately for Moar and her family they got hit with the worst news and that's Shirley has a brain tumour that was the cause of her illness.

Shirley, who is from Northern Quebec is a life long Montreal Canadiens fan and took to social media from the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital where she's being my treated to share her news, and throughout her life long wish was to meet her favorite player Carey Price. Unfortunately for Canadiens fans Price will likely never play a game again in the NHL, but Price being the stand up guy he is granted Shirley's wish with a surprise video call Sunday night.
A former gym teacher and colleague of Shirley at the local school in Waskaganish, Jonathan Bertrand, arranged the video call between her and Price on Sunday.
"I'm a Montreal Canadiens fan number one," said Moar at the beginning of the video chat from her hospital bed at Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital.

Don't give up Keep fighting,' Carey Price tells me.

Shirley Wischee Moar, a Cree woman who recently found out she has three brain tumours, enjoyed a 10-minute long bedside chat with NHL goalie Carey Price.
"Hi, nice to meet you," said Price at the start of the conversation that touched on their home communities, families, the New York Rangers, New York City, Indigenous politics and the importance of education, among other things. Their exchange was often easy and lighthearted.

"I never really enjoyed going to New York as a player," shared Price. "Too crowded there for me."

During the video chat, Moar also shared that it was difficult to receive her diagnosis.

"I just thought I would come for an appointment It was tough to receive the news," said the 56-year-old.

She thanked Price for the respect he shows Indigenous peoples and praised him for being such a good role model for Indigenous youth.

"I've always tried to keep children at the forefront of everything I do," said Price in response.

"I'm hoping after, if everything goes well, I can go and watch a hockey game," said Moar, teasing that she hopes to see Price back in net.

"Me too," replied Price.

Price also told Shirley he hopes to one day be back in the nets for the team.

Price told Moar to "keep fighting" and complimented her on her "good attitude."

Moar's daughter Jennica says the contact with one of her idols did her mom a world of good.

"Her blood pressure was going up sometimes. I think she was worried about stuff. And when she spoke to Carey Price, everything just went back to normal," said Jennica.

It's going to be a tough battle for Moar, as she will need to have another surgery followed by radiation and chemotherapy. Part of the tumour cannot be removed, according to the family.
"The support her family has received is deeply appreciated.

"My mom is asking for prayer," said Jennica. "There's people calling my mom and they pray for her and that lifts her up and helps her so much.

This was such a touching story shout out to Carey for reaching out to a family in a time in need. Also to Shirley and her family on behalf of Hawks Insider we wish you the best and hope you will become Cancer free.
Cancer Patient Gets The Surprise Of Her Life From Carey Price

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