The Chicago Blackhawks Bench a Player For The Last 4 Games - Why?

Published January 18, 2023 at 1:09

Ian Mitchell was a healthy scratch again Tuesday night. This is the third straight game that Ian Mitchell is a healthy scratch.

Ian Mitchell's ice time and development is being mishandled by the Blackhawks. Mitchell turns 24 on January 18th, and he's still been in limbo between playing in the NHL and AHL. Mitchell was called up to the Blackhawks in mid November and has been hanging around in the NHL since then. However, Mitchell has only eleven games to show for his time in the NHL this season - and the season is halfway over.

Ian Mitchell currently has 3 points (3A) on the season and a -6 +/-. Three assists for a defenseman in 11 games isn't that bad, especially when you consider how poor the Blackhawks offense has been this year. However, stats don't matter that much this season - but growth does. The Blackhawks constantly scratching Ian Mitchell is hurting his development. Having Mitchell sit and watch hockey games will not help him improve his game.

With the Blackhawks being in rebuild mode, Mitchell should be out there every night constantly working on his game while winning and losing does not have much value. Mitchell is already hitting 24 years old and still has plenty of room to grow. Ideally, you'd hope the Blackhawks are competing by the time he's in his upper 20s and is well established at this point. However, keeping Ian Mitchell sidelined is not going to do that and will instead cause him to be a waste of a second round pick. Ian Mitchell has the potential, but it's hard for him to reach it without playing.

The Blackhawks need to figure out their plan with Ian Mitchell. You either send him down to Rockford and let him play there, or you start him over veterans such as Caleb Jones. Caleb Jones has been abysmal this season, so why not scratch him and let Mitchell get in on the play.
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The Chicago Blackhawks Bench a Player For The Last 4 Games - Why?

Are the Blackhawks mishandling Ian Mitchell?

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