Blackhawks Forward Gets Called Out After Embarrassing Play in Last Night's Game

Published December 30, 2022 at 2:53

The Blackhawks are sadly one of a few teams who are the laughing stalk of the NHL, and their record proves it.

It's quite reasonable for the Blackhawks to be where they are in the standings as everyone was aware of how the season would go due to Kyle Davidson's recent announcement that the organization will be rebuilding for the next few years, and it started with Alex DeBrincat plus many others being shipped away.

With the Blackhawks in full-rebuild mode, why not play the kids, and let them get their feet wet in the NHL rather then let aging veterans steal ice time, who likely won't even be with the organization next year?

One player who'll likely not be here next year (but is not a veteran) is forward Boris Katchouk who was acquired when the Blackhawks traded away another key piece, Brandon Hagel.

Katchouk had quite the embarrassing play last night, which caused a St.Louis Blues goal, the final score was only 3-1 but this play put the cherry on top sadly..

The Athletic writer Mark Lazerus spoke his mind on Katchouk's place on the current Blackhawks roster, and absolutely killed it with this statement:

Wouldn't the Blackhawks be better served seeing a Josiah Slavin or a Cole Guttman or even a Mike Hardman in the lineup over Boris Katchouk? What has he shown to give management any idea he's a part of the future here?

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Blackhawks Forward Gets Called Out After Embarrassing Play in Last Night's Game

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