Canucks Superstar Aggressively Screams And Swings Stick at His Own Goaltender

Published December 30, 2022 at 2:28

The Vancouver Canucks are a complete miss and are clearly in shambles, from their ranking in the NHL's standings as well as recent situations surrounding their superstars, it's quite clear how messy it is in Van City.

One indivudal in particular by the name of J.T Miller has caused havoc in Vancouver, with multiple reported arguments with his teammates, one has finally been caught on camera, and it took place in last night's Vancouver Canucks vs Winnipeg Jet's game.

The Canucks were trailing the Jets by a score of 3-2 with time ticking as it neared a minute left in regulation, when the Canucks would oddly circle back to center ice and to their zone several times, leaving their goaltender Collin Delia quite confused, and undecided when he should head to the bench.

J.T Miller would then scream at his goaltender, waiving his arm and telling him to go to the bench while loudly yelling, which seems a little overboard but normal in a way.... Until he slammed his stick over the crossbar while Delia was just about to leave the crease, what an embarrassing moment for the Canucks superstar, take a look at the situation below:

Here is a closer look to where the goaltender drawn confusion to himself when they didn't hold possession fairly.

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Canucks Superstar Aggressively Screams And Swings Stick at His Own Goaltender

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