BREAKING: The NHLPA Opens Investigation Regarding Mike Babcock in Columbus

Published September 12, 2023 at 3:38 PM

Allegations Surrounding Babcock's Coaching Methods

Earlier today, the Spittin' Chiclets Podcast stirred up controversy with accusations against Columbus Blue Jackets' coach Mike Babcock. Paul Bissonnette claimed that Babcock had asked players to share family photos from their phones as a way to foster camaraderie.

Investigation and Responses

Following these allegations, both the Columbus Blue Jackets and the NHL Players' Association (NHLPA) initiated inquiries into the matter. In response, Babcock and Blue Jackets captain Boone Jenner have issued statements addressing the situation.

Mike Babcock

Babcock explained,
"While meeting with our players and staff, I asked them to share, off their phones, family pictures as part of the process of getting to know them better. There was absolutely nothing more to it than that."
He expressed disappointment with how the podcast portrayed these meetings, emphasizing their significance.

Boone Jenner

Jenner supported Babcock's account, saying, "While meeting with Babs, he asked me about my family, my upcoming wedding, and hockey-related matters. He then asked if I had pictures of my family, and I was happy to share some with him." Jenner viewed it as a positive start to building a relationship and believed the situation had been blown out of proportion.

Continuing Controversy

Despite these explanations, Bissonnette remains skeptical, urging Babcock to reconsider his approach. He claimed that many players had confirmed similar incidents, keeping the debate alive within the hockey community. While both sides have shared their viewpoints, the controversy surrounding this incident continues to generate discussion and differing opinions among fans and players alike.

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BREAKING: The NHLPA Opens Investigation Regarding Mike Babcock in Columbus

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