BREAKING: Former Blackhawks Head Coach Set to Return and Fans Aren't Happy

Published May 2, 2023 at 1:45 PM

The New York Rangers suffered a bitter defeat in Game 7, leaving fans and experts alike to speculate about potential changes to the team's coaching staff and roster. One name that has surfaced in these conversations is Joel Quenneville, a highly respected NHL coach with a long track record of success.

However, any potential move involving Quenneville is sure to draw significant scrutiny due to his involvement in the 2010 Chicago Blackhawks' handling of former video coach Brad Aldrich's alleged sexual abuse of former player Kyle Beach. As reported by independent legal firm Jenner and Block, multiple witnesses stated that Quenneville participated in a meeting to discuss the allegations shortly after the Blackhawks advanced to the 2010 Stanley Cup Final. Quenneville and other team leaders opted to defer action on Aldrich until the end of the playoff run, citing a desire to avoid distractions.

Tons of fans took to social media to express their anger, and we do not blame them.

Quenneville had previously denied knowledge of the allegations, but the investigation report suggests otherwise. As a result, he currently requires approval from the commissioner's office to work in the NHL again. While an official interview request from the Rangers would likely encourage commissioner approval, the decision to bring Quenneville on board would undoubtedly be met with close scrutiny from fans and media alike.

It's worth noting that Quenneville's coaching record speaks for itself. He last coached in 2021-22 with the Florida Panthers, where he posted a perfect 7-0-0 record before resigning and being conditionally held out of NHL work by the commissioner's office. If the Rangers do decide to pursue him as a replacement for head coach Gerard Gallant, it remains to be seen whether Quenneville's past will ultimately prove to be a barrier or merely a footnote in his continued success on the bench.
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BREAKING: Former Blackhawks Head Coach Set to Return and Fans Aren't Happy

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