Awkward Moment Between Crosby and Bedard Interview

Published September 14, 2023 at 0:38

As the training camp inches closer to the start, NHL superstars have been conducting interviews and photo ops for various magazines, TV shows, and podcasts.

Most of these interviews go smoothly and usually provide everyone with a few laughs and enjoyable moments. However, others can be a little awkward and uncomfortable, whether it's due to a question that's asked or a situation they're put in.

This happened today when Colby Armstrong of Sportsnet was attempting to interview the newly drafted superstar-to-be, Connor Bedard, alongside his idol, Penguins superstar centerman Sidney Crosby.

They were both asked to sit on the couch with Armstrong when Crosby seemed to be uncomfortable trying to sit on it. Then, the cringe-worthy moment occurred when Armstrong realized that they had already done an interview before his, which left him surprised and a little upset.

Meanwhile, Bedard was sitting there, not sure what to think, as this was one of many experiences to come in his new career. In the end, they all shared a laugh and moved on. This incident showcased the lighter side of both players and Armstrong as everyone got ready for another fantastic season of NHL hockey.
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Awkward Moment Between Crosby and Bedard Interview

Will Connor Bedard surpass Sidney Crosby in points this season?

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