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Are the Blackhawks showing interest in this Maple Leafs forward?

Published May 26, 2023 at 0:47

When NHL fans seek to find out how their team is doing financially with their salary cap hits or long-term injury reserve numbers, they all flock to capfriendly.com.

That site has to be one of the most detailed ones I've ever seen in terms of how everything is for the NHL.

The site was recently updated and it showed that the Blackhawks currently have $49 million in cap space which also means the team is well below the cap floor. So it's highly likely that general manager Kyle Davidson will be spending in the next number of months to get to the cap floor.

It means the Blackhawks can go out and find players that will help complement future superstars to be drafted, Connor Bedard. One such player who could be on the list is unrestricted free agent Maple Leafs forward Michael Bunting.

Bunting, Has had a great run in Toronto the last two seasons in terms of points and overall improvement in his play. In his first season with the Leafs, he had 63 points alongside Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner. This season he had a bit of a slower start to his points but still scored 23 goals and had 49 points was a + 21.

With his meagre $1.9 million contract coming to an end, Bunting will be looking for a significant raise and with the Blackhawks having an abundance of money. His style of play will help protect a player like Connor Bedard while giving them the option to score goals, I feel that he will be a fit for the Blackhawks.

It remains whether the Blackhawks would take a chance on Bunting, but it would be wise to take a look and acquire him long-term at a lower cap hit.
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Are the Blackhawks showing interest in this Maple Leafs forward?

Will the Blackhawks take a chance at signing Michael Bunting?

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