William Nylanders Off-season Just got a lot more interesting

Published May 26, 2023 at 0:47

Alex Nylander's brother, William Nylander, had a challenging start to his off-season after being eliminated by the Florida Panthers.

One can only imagine that he would want to unwind, relax, and focus on skating and practicing without any worries. Unfortunately, his off-season began with the unfortunate incident of losing his phone, which was then stolen, as shown in a TikTok video.

Apart from being one of the best forwards on the Leaf's team, William Nylander is also tech-savvy and was able to use a tracking app to locate his phone.

The video shows his friends or the people who found the phone, hidden in a backyard.

It's unfortunate that William had to go the extra mile to retrieve his stolen phone, especially when he had decided to stay home instead of playing more hockey. It must have been a frustrating experience for him.
May 26   |   54 answers
William Nylanders Off-season Just got a lot more interesting

Should Willy gone overseas to play hockey instead?

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